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Om CaitlinGat
I felt my body start to drop into fatigue and I gradually closed my eyes as I drifted off into deep
sleep. Somewhere along the way I felt the bed shift and creak like someone else had climbed in. The presence curled up close next to me and
I felt a silk blindfold slip over my eyes. The hands lifted
my head as the elastic was slid over, then they started to
move down my chest to the top of my leg and moved lower.

I thought it was my man as I felt my nightshirt get pulled
up and his hand trace up my leg, leaving a very hot trail in its wake.
Dream or not, I didn't want to wake up. I love my man's touch.

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Bobby focuses on her breasts while Andrew kisses her deeply.
Sabrina moves her hands down to their pants, fondling their
zippers until their rock hard cocks flop out.

She then breaks away from both boys and drops to her knees.
With a cock in each hand she takes Booby's cock into her hot mouth, sliding
all the way down to the base then back up, leaving behind a trail
of saliva. She then take Andrew's cock into her waiting
mouth and repeats it. She switches back and forth between cocks, making sure to have them reach into her throat each time before sliding back up their
shafts. Sabrina takes them both to their limits before suddenly backing off them,
letting their precum drip from the heads of their cocks.

_Film it. Film her wide open ass for me._
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