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Om DesmondFya


Om DesmondFya
I just looked at Rob in amazement. Had he been bold?
Or was this just another one of the games we love to play.

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Then I stroked in and out slowly letting her feel every inch of
my tool and drawing gasps and moans of passion from her lips
as my cock filled her void. Tyko was drawing firmly on the hard clitoris
in her mouth and D was going wild from the sensations she was experiencing.
It didn't take too long before D screamed out in orgasm and held herself rigid
until it was over and she collapsed on the bed with a big,
satisfied smile on her face.
She reached in and pulled out his old cock without
And to think I ever thought this woman wasn't graceful. From
her first movement, a gliding motion to her left, she is the epitome of grace.
Yet at the same time she is earthy, grounded by her body. I'm enjoying the first few seconds of
the dance_when suddenly I hear you moan, ever so lightly.

I must be hearing things. There it is again! A moan, a soft moan. Maria, I ask, what's going on?
You close your eyes and try to steady your breath.
Why are you out of breath? I take your wrist.
Your pulse is quickening. Maria, what's going on? You
clench your teeth and can only manage to answer through a suppressed moan: I...
don't no-o-oh...
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